Career Development

Throughout their time at the Yenching Academy, Scholars have opportunities to explore different interests and identify possible career options. The Career Development Service aims to enhance Yenching Scholars’ career prospects and assist them in making the most of their professional skills. Aimed at fostering competitive advantage, the Academy's workshops, one-on-one consultations, and seminars assist Scholars in planning their careers. Whether Scholars have a clear career path in mind, or they are still in the process of defining one, the Academy offers them guidance through their personal journeys. 

Outside of the formal Career Development Service, Scholars also receive extensive career development support from the Academy at large. Regardless of their concentration and future plans, the Academy encourages Scholars to communicate with professors, staff, and their thesis advisor about leadership opportunities that could forward their careers. Occasionally, the Academy supports the participation of Yenching Scholars in international conferences and fora. 


Negotiations Workshop

Mr. Ashwin Kaja, a lawyer, educator, and entrepreneur based in Beijing, presented a workshop to foster Yenching Scholars' ability to effectively negotiate between people, cultures, and countries.

Job Interview Training

Malcolm Nerva, Founder and Managing Director of Genowledge Corporation, designed and delivered job interview training focused on communication, language skills, and self-awareness.

Public Speaking Workshop

Cynthia Chen, an expert in the fields of solution sales, training, and consulting gave a workshop on how to gain confidence in public speaking and making presentations.

Young Professionals Series

Keren Ruth, the co-founder of Bridging Education And Mobility; Jessie Wang, the founder of Beijing Women's Network; Kate Wong, Vice President of MyCOS; and Jasmine Lau, co-Founder of Philantropy in Motion, shared their insights on entreprenurship and carving a career path in China.

Philanthropy in Motion

Philanthropy in Motion offered an immersive six-week program on social impact and cross-sector leadership. Scholars developed their capacity for cross-sector leadership by practicing design thinking, organizational evaluation, value alignment, consensus building, and more.

One-on-One Career Consultations

The experienced Leadership of the Yenching Academy offer one-on-one career consultations to Scholars who would like to pursue a career in China and support them in finding suitable opportunities.