• Boyce Andrew Boyce

    Andrew Boyce

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    Andrew is an athlete, lawyer, entrepreneur and aspiring policy-maker. He studied politics at the University of California, Berkeley where he was a member of the Division 1 Varsity Water Polo Team.  He also studied law at Cambridge University, where he was awarded a "Blue" - one of the University's most prestigious sporting awards. He was born in New Zealand and grew up in Hong Kong, where he attended the Chinese International School.  Andrew has represented Hong Kong as a swimmer and water polo player, and has played in the Chinese National Games.  He currently lives in London where he is training as a lawyer.  He has previously worked at the World Bank, and co-founded a startup that focuses on using technology to support legal aid and access to justice issues in Southeast Asia.  Andrew hopes to conduct research on Chinese law and society, in particular, by examining the impact of law and policy on development outcomes.

  • Cibralic Beba Cibralic

    Beba Cibralic

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    Beba Cibralic is a graduate of Wellesley College who spent her junior year abroad studying at the University of Oxford. She is from Sydney, Australia, but has roots in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She completed a double major in Philosophy and Political Science, and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Sigma Alpha. She wrote a thesis in philosophy on applying Just War Theory to the U.S.'s strategy in fighting ISIL/Daesh, has published on humanitarian intervention, and has presented at academic conferences in both the UK and in the U.S. on topics in ethics and political theory. She is passionate about language learning, and is on her way to becoming fluent in Russian and Spanish. Her concentration at the Yenching Academy is in Politics and International Relations. She is specifically interested in the history of Chinese diplomacy, U.S.-China relations, and contemporary political philosophy in China. 

  • Fueugene Eugene Fu

    Eugene Fu

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    Eugene Fu is a final-year undergraduate in Land Economy at Homerton College, University of Cambridge. At the Yenching Academy, he wishes to extend his interdisciplinary education to study the role that legal institutions play in cultivating business-friendly, economically efficient environments. Born in Hong Kong, Eugene is also passionate about learning more about his Chinese heritage: language, culture and society. Eugene is 20, and grew up in Australia, where he studied medical science for a semester at Griffith University before moving to the UK. After graduation, he intends to pursue a career in investment banking in the Asia-Pacific region. He has worked in London, Hong Kong and Brisbane across the financial and governmental sectors.

  • Hall Sam Hall

    Sam Hall

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    Sam Hall is an Australian who graduated from the University of Sydney with majors in Chinese Studies, Economics, and Quantitative Analytics. During and following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Sam lived, worked, travelled and studied in various locations across China. Above all, however, it is language and literature that are his most abiding passions. At the Yenching Academy, Sam has intensively studied post-socialist Chinese fiction and Chinese literary theory. In the future, Sam hopes to pursue doctoral studies in Chinese literature and continue to explore the ways in which Chinese literature, theory, and history are entangled.

  • Lincoln-Hyde Ellan Alethia Lincoln-Hyde

    Ellan Alethia Lincoln-Hyde

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    Ellan Lincoln-Hyde is a multi-disciplined performing artist, published writer/playwright and research musicologist from Australia. Ellan obtained her Bachelor of Music: Bassoon Performance and a Diploma of Modern Languages in Chinese from The University of Melbourne in 2015. The same year, Ellan was softball captain and a member of the Women’s First XIII crew for Newman College, The University of Melbourne. In 2013, she was an exchange student at Fudan University, Shanghai. She also participated in language exchanges to Nanjing, China and Paris, France. In 2016 her Honors year research thesis on the history of social issues and opera in the mid-twentieth century was awarded a High Distinction. She is currently on a research exchange at The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and will complete the requirements for The University of Melbourne’s Master of Musicology in August 2017. Frequently performing as a bassoonist, vocalist and stage actor, Ellan is also an experienced arts administrator and has worked for Opera Australia, the Australian Ballet and the Australian Federal Ministry for the Arts. Being a keen advocate for diplomacy through cultural exchange, in 2012 Ellan founded a charity concert series which raises funds for the Afghan Youth Orchestra, Kabul. At the Yenching Academy Ellan will pursue Literature and Culture as her research area, and aims to explore the history and ongoing impact of China’s relationship with the Western classical tradition.

  • Riseley James Ellison Riseley

    James Ellison Riseley

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    James Riseley is an Australian citizen who studied for his BA in Politics and International Studies at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 2014 to 2017. Much of his undergraduate study was in the history of political thought - a field that Cambridge has pioneered – though during that time he also cultivated interests in global ethics and comparative politics. In his third year, he completed a dissertation on the politics and the broader theoretical significance of Australia’s former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission. While at Cambridge, James also engaged in a wide range of activities – from debating, to being the Mental Health and Disabilities’ Officer on his college’s students’ union, to standup – and he hopes to engage broadly with student life in Beijing as well. At the Yenching Academy, James intends to take the Politics and International Relations track. His hope is to acquire a general understanding of contemporary Chinese politics and political economy, but also to work on specific projects related to the history of Chinese political thought and current-day Chinese energy policy and reform. James is looking forward to applying the methods he acquired at Cambridge to the history of Chinese political thought, as well as engaging in dialogue with Chinese practitioners of political thought in order to reflect on how that field of study is approached in a different intellectual and cultural context.