• Marchese Anthony Marchese

    Anthony Marchese

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  • MaZhengyuan Zhengyuan Ma

    Zhengyuan Ma

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    Born in Nanjing, China, Zhengyuan Ma (Zheng) moved to Honolulu, HI when he was six years old. There, he came into contact with many diverse cultures and became interested in cross-cultural interactions, which encouraged him to maintain a keen interest in events in China, his country of origin. Zheng attended the high school of U.S. President Barack Obama and is the State of Hawai'i record holder for several U.S. mathematics competitions, including the USA Mathematical Olympiad. His passion for mathematics has developed into interests in various topics, including history, philosophy, religion, computer science, and economics, and he loves learning new ideas and reading as much as he can. This past year, he finished a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science at Stanford University. At Stanford, he was the president of O-Tone, an East Asian-focused a cappella group, and was a member of the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES) and the Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society (ASES). He also studied abroad in Kyoto, Japan, which was an extremely formative experience for him. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting historical sites, exploring cities and nature, and reading. From his current academic work in economics and data science, he hopes to be a professor or work in financial services, and is intending to study at Yenching under the Economics and Management track.

  • Miller William TG Miller

    William TG Miller

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  • Muzaurieta Aurelio Muzaurieta

    Aurelio Muzaurieta

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  • Qiangwilliam William Qiang

    William Qiang

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    William Qiang studied Economics and Biomedical Engineering at Yale University. He is an associate at China Europe International Business School Publishing Group – the media affiliate of China’s top-ranked business school – where, among other topics, he examines the economic and political implications of new advances in technology. Leveraging his bicultural heritage and multidisciplinary background, William co-founded the Sanren Society, a group of young political philosophers and thinkers interested in understanding the systemic changes necessary to promote a peaceful prosperous world. His long-term aspiration is to help build an international regulatory body coordinating efforts to monitor and reduce A.I. risk.

  • Qujennifer Jennifer Qu

    Jennifer Qu

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  • Romeo Dominic Joseph Romeo

    Dominic Joseph Romeo

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  • Schneider Jordan Schneider

    Jordan Schneider

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  • Sherlock Allison Sherlock

    Allison Sherlock

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  • Shiaudrey Audrey Shi

    Audrey Shi

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