Talk with Mr. Radek Pyffel from AIIB

On the 29th of September 2017, the Yenching Academy had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Radek Pyffel, an Alternate Director and member of the Board of Directors of Asian Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) where he also represents the Republic of Poland, and Wider Europe Constituency. A Peking University alumni, Mr. Pyffel co-founded one of the most active think thanks promoting knowledge about Asia in Poland - Centre for Poland-Asia Studies (CSPA) - and he has long been one of the vanguards of China-CEE political and economic relations.


At YCA, Mr. Pyffel shared his insights on the topic of “Belt and Road Initiative from the perspective of Central Eastern Europe". He discussed the challenges and opportunities of the cooperation between China and CEE region within Belt and Road Initiative and16+1 framework. He further emphasized that, despite the asymmetries between China and the region, cooperation is developing rapidly and – if handled correctly – has a very bright future.


During the Q&A session, many Yenching Scholars asked about the nature of AIIB and about the opportunities it could offer young leaders. Mr. Pyffel emphasized that though he could not speak on behalf of AIIB, he was very eager to share his private views. He described the vision of AIIB in three key concepts – Green, Clean, and Lean –highlighting that the bank wants to combine the best practices of the past with the innovations of the future. He also encouraged the Scholars to participate in AIIB’s Young Professionals Program.

After the main panel, Mr. Pyffel together with 8 selected Scholars participated in a closed-door roundtable discussion. Participants shared their insights on the topics highlighted during the main panel in a vigorous debate.