Recruitment | 2018 Yenching Global Symposium Seeks PKU Volunteers

Held on Peking University’s historic campus in Beijing every spring since 2016, the Yenching Global Symposium (YGS) invites prominent Chinese and international scholars with a noted passion for China in their work and research, along with leading professionals from a wide range of fields. These young minds from around the world will converge for the 2018 Symposium theme, Renaissance: China’s Journey in a Global Future.

To promote ties between communities in and outside of PKU’s campus and to prepare for the Yenching Global Symposium, the executive committee of YGS 2018 is currently recruiting student volunteers from the PKU community.  The detailed recruiting requirements are as follows:


1. Undergraduates and postgraduates enrolled in PKU. Applications are now open and can be sent through mail; the deadline for application is March 13th.

2. Posts include guest speaker coordination, logistics coordination, cultural excursion activity assistance, delegates assistance, etc. These posts will be coordinated and allocated by the executive committee of YGS 2018.

3. Be capable and experienced with their respective posts, and must be fluent in English.

4. Shall attend the work training session held on March 26th led by the executive committee.

5. Should be present for at least one day during the conference dates (April 12th – 15th), and complete their assigned work on respective posts.

6. Should be passionate about international and cross-cultural communication and enthusiastic about helping symposium delegates answer questions on China.

Expected Benefits

1. Volunteer T-shirts, swag, and logistical support from the executive committee;

2. A volunteer service certificate recognized by the Yenching Academy;

3. Experience with organizing international conferences in a diverse international team;

4. Opportunities to understand Yenching Academy in close proximity;

5. Networking opportunities with symposium guest speakers, conference delegates;

6. Deepened understanding of engaging China studies topics.

[Recruiting Time]: from now until March 13th

[Recruiting Process]: online recruitment, please send email to, titled “YGS Volunteer Recruitment + XXX (your name)” before the end of March 13th. Content of the email should include your information: name, gender, major and grade, phone number and mail address, along with an attached CV. 

[Contact Information]: 13718749979

 We look forward to seeing you at YGS 2018, and to growing together!