Beijing Alumni Reunion

During the afternoon of April 14, 2018, the Yenching  Academy welcomed back many 2015 cohort alumni for a reunion in Beijing. The event was an opportunity to foster connections between the 2015, 2016 and 2017 cohorts of scholars and to celebrate the continuation of the Yenching experience. 


Assistant Dean Chen Changwei opened the reunion with a few remarks about the Yenching Academy’s progress and the importance of alumni. Erin Dunne, the current Director of Public Relations for the YCA Graduate Student Union, served as the host of the gathering and explained the importance of hearing from alumni for the current cohort of scholars. Following these brief remarks, each of the alumni present shared advice based on their time at the Yenching Academy as well as how their experiences have influenced and prepared them for further studies or the professional world.


Several common themes emerged from alumni comments based on their own experiences and memories. Current scholars were encouraged to make the most of the time with classmates at YCA and, particularly, to find time to talk with new people, to explore new and diverse aspects of China and to not be afraid to take chances and follow their dreams. Overall, the alumni encouraged current scholars to make full use of this unique journey and to explore all the resources and opportunities available.


As a small thank you from Dean Yuan, the 2015 alumni were presented with small gifts. Afterwards, current scholars and alumni mingled over tea and cookies continuing the conversations started during the facilitated portion of the event and bonding over common research interests and career goals.