Yenching Academy Celebrates Its Fourth Anniversary

On May 5th, the Yenching Academy of Peking University celebrates its 4th anniversary. It is an elite postgraduate college of Peking University, China's "most prestigious" and "first modern" university. At its launch, the Peking Universityleadership described it as the "most ambitious academic initiative Peking University has launched since the turn of the new century." 

The Yenching Academy provides full fellowships to its scholars, and offers them a wide array of interdisciplinary courses on China within broadly defined fields of the humanities and social sciences. Working closely with their academic mentors, the Yenching scholars create their own study paths by choosing courses from six research areas. They also participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, organized by the Yenching Academy, and designed by scholars themselves. studying at the Academy is an exceptional opportunity to take part in intercultural exchanges and interdisciplinary learning, and to develop personally and professionally.