Irish Ambassador to China Visits Yenching Academy

On May 11, 2018, the Irish ambassador to China, Eoin O'Leary, visited the Peking University Yenching Academy and exchanged ideas with Yenching students and Associate Dean of Yenching Academy, David Moser.


Ambassador O’Leary first outlined the history of Ireland, reviewed Ireland’s national policies at different stages of development, and focused on important historical points such as Ireland’s independence, joining the United Nations, and the Cold War period. He emphasized the importance of education for the development of the country and mentioned his previous experience of studying.

Subsequently, he elaborated on Ireland's ties with the European Union. He pointed out that Ireland has close ties with the European Union. Since joining the European Union, Ireland has increased its exchanges with other European countries, and has learnt from other EU member states the policy design experience of government governance, investment promotion and other aspects.


In the era of globalization, the world faces new challenges and opportunities. Ambassador O’Leary clarified his attitude towards globalization. He pointed out that in today’s wider and more open international environment, Ireland hopes to strengthen peace and cooperation with all countries, especially In response to climate change, anti-terrorism and other fields.

Ambassador O’Leary pointed out that the relationship between Ireland and China has also become increasingly close in recent years. He has frequent exchanges in education exchanges, talent exchanges, and tourist visits. Ambassador O’Leary cited the newly opened route from Beijing to Dublin and the number of Chinese tourists to Ireland increased. There are more examples of Irish students coming to China.


After the lecture, Yenching Scholars present in the room actively asked questions about the contents of the lecture. Ambassador O’Leary made detailed explanations on the factors affecting the country's image and the relationship between China and Ireland. Nita Josephine Killian is a 2017 Yenching Scholar from Ireland. Ambassador O’Leary encouraged her to cherish the precious time she has to learn at the Yenching Academy, deepen her understanding of China, tell Chinese stories well, and help Irish people understand China today and communicate well.